Well, I am finally ready to roll this site out and start promoting it to the wider world, and I’ve now set up Hawk Editorial as a limited company.

Working for myself is something I’ve wanted to do for some time, but lately a more urgent need to get it up and running it has been prompted by the very real likelihood of redundancy in my current employment, and I’m sure many people (especially journalists such as myself) are following the same route, or thinking about it.

As I’m just starting out down this road I can’t say whether it’s a foolhardy decision or not, but the way I see it, it is best to have as many irons in as many fires as possible in this current climate. While I wouldn’t recommend spreading yourself too thinly, I certainly believe that the Jack of all trades (or, to put it more kindly, the multiskilled worker) has more chance of making money nowadays than the specialist, sad though that is.

Is it the right time to be starting out solo? I’ve no idea, but there surely has never been a worse time to be an employee of a company, whether it be large or small, public or private. Everyone’s feeling the squeeze, unemployment is rising and confidence is low. The recent public sector strikes polarised the country, but I feel that all workers should stand together in the face of exploitation by the higher echelons who are only out to protect their massive wage packets, shares and bonuses.

I need to do something to make my future more secure, and I want as far as possible for me to be in control of my own destiny; therefore, I am doing something about it. It’s probably going to be tough and uncertain. But things are uncertain anyway.

Setting up my company was easy to do – I did it through Companies Made Simple and it cost me about £30. I’m now set up with business banking with Barclays, which offers loads of services that will come in very useful indeed to me as a new start-up.

Here’s hoping the paperwork and officialdom don’t get in the way…

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