A friendly, professional service at competitive rates…

  • I don’t make empty boasts, and I don’t profess to be ‘the best’. I do profess to be good at what I do and I am confident in my skills. There is no room in this tough economic climate for flash Harrys or Harriets – you need someone you can trust, depend on and who has a safe pair of hands.
  • Unlike some other proofreading services, I don’t promise to get your job done within 24 hours if I don’t think it is possible. If you need a fast turnaround, I suggest you look elsewhere. However, I believe that attention to detail and getting things right is what counts, and this may naturally take some time to achieve. I personally wouldn’t recommend a rush-job.
  • I have trained at the Publishing Training Centre and am an associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, a professional body that upholds standards and requirements within the publishing industry.
  • I have a broad skill base and experience of a variety of subjects and media.
  • I am open to negotiation, and the price agreed and signed up to in advance will be the price you pay. No hidden extras.
  • I  am diligent, thoughtful, dedicated and friendly.